Going Mirrorless?

People often ask me what camera gear I use and my response is that I have different stuff for various purposes. For over two years, my primary camera has been a Canon 6D along with the 17-40mm, the 24-105mm and the 50mm 1. 8. I've been using this set for landscape and travel photography and even though I am very happy with the results that I have gotten, it has become a burden to carry it around. This set is heavy and big (yes, I know that it's smaller than other full frame cameras...) and I always end up leaving it in the car or not bringing the camera at all. Even though it fits my needs for the kind of work that I do, it has become a tool that hasn't inspired me to go photograph in the last few months. The last time I took this camera out from my bag was back in December when I had to shoot a family portrait. Ever since then, it's been sitting comfy in the bag in my studio. 

However, this doesn't mean that I haven't been making photographs during these past few months. In fact, I have been cheating my Canon with Fujifilm and I've been loving it. Last year I decided to get a Xpro 1 along with the 35mm 1. 4 and the 18-55mm lenses. From the very beginning I fell in love with the camera and specially the 35mm. I've always been a wide angle lens shooter, but this lens (50mm in ff) is amazing despite being slow and noisy, I believe it's definitely a keeper. 

At the end of 2015, I decided that I wanted a camera to carry it with me all the time. I made the effort to save up some money and I got the X100T. After a few months it became my favorite camera ever. It's small, aesthetically beautiful and the images are lovely. I have gotten used to composing at 23mm (35mm in ff) point of view and I like to bring it with me to work and everywhere I go. 

Now I'm at this point where I doubt what is best set up for my work. I prefer the 6D for landscape work but I love the Fujifilms for street, travel and portrait stuff. So I have come up with a plan for the next few months. In July, we are driving all the way up to the Arctic Circle and we will be going through Norway and Sweden. Obviously Norway is a landscape photographer's dream destination so I'm going to bring the 6D with the wide angle lens, filters and tripod with me. But since we are driving in our van, I have the possibility to add an extra bag with my new XT1 and a lens. I plan to get a filter adapter in order to be able to fit the Lee filters so in this way I will be able to try and shoot landscapes with it. Depending on how it goes, I will decide if I need to keep the 6D, or sell all that set up in September. 

Ideally I would keep both systems, but I would probably do some changes...like sell the 24-105 and the 50mm 1.8 and keep the 17-40mm and get the Sigma 35mm 1.4 Art. And as for my Fujifilm system, I would get rid of the "kit lens" and I would get the 16mm 1.4 and maybe, just maybe, the 56mm 1. 2 (if I start making more portrait sessions) and that would be my perfect bag along with the the 23mm (X100T) and the 35mm 1. 4.

Deep down, I want to be able to keep both systems but I don't like the idea of having expensive gear not being used because I find it too heavy to bring it  with me. In terms of image quality and camera specifications, I'm fine with what each camera has to offer. I'm not a professional, so for what I use, I am more than happy with this gear. If I like what I can make with them, then I don't need anything else. I don't care about megapixels or how fast the AF is. I take the time to compose and I like to set up each shot manually. These are after all tools to work on my craft, all I need is something that will pull me to take one camera and get out of my door, and right now, Fujifilm is doing that for me.