The Way to the North

A couple of weeks ago we got back from our long roadtrip to Norway. We drove 10.000km from the Basque Country all the way up to the Lofoten islands. We crossed France, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and back. I'm not going to lie, we've done a lot of driving... but it's been totally worth it. Norway is probably one of the most beautiful places I've been to. No matter where you look, there's a lake, a fjord, or some incredible landscape where you can sit and stare and lose the track of time. Obviously, it's a landscape photographer's wonderland and I've tried to make the most of it. These are some of the highlights of our trip.

For this trip, I decided to take two cameras, my Canon 6D with the 17-40mm and the Fujifilm XT1 with the 18-55mm. I've returned with over 2000 photographs, but only 20 or so were made with the 6D. I have really enjoyed using the XT1 because it was lightweight and really comfortable to carry it around. I'm more than happy with the results and the "kit lens" has been awesome.

I really love the EVF because in landscape photography I always underexpose the image (or expose for the hightlights) and knowing in advance what I was going to get was really helpful. I have had no problems in recovering the shadows and therefore, I have achieved that moody look that I always try to go for. What I missed in some cases was probably a wider perspective. I'm used to shooting from a 24mm (ff equivalent) perspective or field of view, so 27mm in a crop sensor was sometimes too narrow for my taste. This however, hasn't been a problem at all, because I've managed to overcome this with some creativity. I'm mostly one body one lens kind of person, I don't like switching lenses, so all in all this zoom lens has been really comfortable for my kind of photography. I brought 3 spare batteries for the Xt1 and I managed okay during the day. One of the advantages of living in the van was that I could charge my batteries at all times. 

A few months ago, I was very hesitant about shooting landscapes with Fujifilm cameras. I was really happy with how my street and portraits looked, but somehow, I was not able to get the results I wanted for landscapes in Lightroom. Months after working on my editing and learning the way around these cameras, I no longer feel the same. I have decided to keep both systems for now, since I have realized that both have their purpose in my bag. However, I am more confident now with "only" bringing my Fujifilm camera when I travel.