Unexpected mood while location scouting

Last Friday, I had some time in between classes and went to scout for new locations. It was bright and sunny and no sign of fog or clouds anywhere, but I have some portrait sessions coming up and wanted to check out if I could find any new spots.

As soon as I drove up to the mountains, there was a beautiful, thick fog covering the forest and I quickly stopped at one of my favorite spots. The sun was trying to get through the trees, creating some stunning sun rays through the forest. Everything was in silence, and the only noise you could hear were my foot steps. There is nothing better than being surprised like this. I didn't have any person to photograph but the atmosphere was so special that I forgot all about my location scouting plan and started shooting with my little Fuji X100T. 

After this first stop, I drove to my next spot, which is another forest, where I've previously taken some of my favorite photographs. There is a dam right next to it, and the last time I came here it was half empty. So I wanted to check how high the water was now and if there were any possibilities there. I was really grateful for that thick fog, it completely changed the scenery in front of me. The atmosphere was really moody and mysterious and I was having so much fun! I walked down towards the dam and turns out that the rain we've had in the last few months, had helped fill the muddy empty dam a bit more and was now looking much better. 

It only took me less than two hours to shoot some of my favorite photos I've taken lately. My feet were cold and my working boots a little muddy. But, I didn't care. I wasn't expecting any photographs from that morning and I definitely came back home with a handful of favorites.

*All these photographs have been taken with the Fujifilm X100T and post processed in Lightroom with my new presets and workflow.