Retratos con Dámaris y una edición más analógica

Cada pocos meses quedo con Dámaris para hacer una sesión de fotos. Esta vez sabíamos que iba a ser en la playa de Laga pero realmente tampoco teníamos mucho en mente así que improvisamos. Por temas de logística, la sesión tuvo que ser por la mañana, así que tuvimos luz dura casi desde el principio pero creo que aun así nos quedó algo bonito.

Últimamente, cada vez que hago retratos intento editarlos con unos colores más naturales, quizás más analógicos. Supongo que así seguirán teniendo unos tonos que no habrán pasado de moda dentro de unos años. Me encantaría saber qué opináis sobre esto.

Un abrazo!

Canon 5D Mark iv + Sigma 50mm

A roadtrip through the Alps

During Easter holidays we went on a short roadtrip to the Alps. We drove through Switzerland, southern Germany, Austria and the Dolomites in northern Italy. We had already been to all these countries, but all we wanted to do was to head to the mountains and explore lakes and be surrounded by nature. The Basque Country is about ten hours away from Switzerland, so that was the longest part of the drive. The rest of the places I had on my list were pretty close one from another. It is true that we tried to cover maybe too much for only 9 days, but I guess being on the road is also part of the adventure and we didn't feel that we spent a crazy amount of hours in the van (even though some argue that we always do). 

I packed all my camera gear on the very last day and after giving too much thought, I brought more than what I really needed (as always). However, I ended up using the 6D with the EF 24-70 f.2.8 for all these shots. I also brought the Canon Ae1+ FD 50 1.8 and I shot Ektar 100, Portra 160 and Portra 400. It was a great experience to shoot film again and I must admit that composing at 50mm was really tricky for me so that was an interesting and slow process. I'll show those scans on my next post though. 

Paris, City of Lights

A couple of days ago we just got back from a five day trip to Paris. This was my fourth time in the city, but since my parents in law came with us we had to explore the main attractions once again. Our first stop was at the Louvre, one of my favorite museums in the world, a place that never gets old and where I discover something new everytime I visit. I have always taken a dslr on my international travels, but this time however, I chose to bring the Fujifilm X100T and my new-old Canon Ae-1 film camera. I have made the terrible mistake of lugging around a heavy dslr while exploring cities, so I decided against that and thought I would give it a try to this little, yet powerful camera. 

Probably the most famous churches in Paris are Notre Dame and Le Sacre Coeur. However, there's a little gem hidden behind the palace of justice, very close to Notre Dame where only a few decide to visit. This church is called the Sainte Chapelle and I think it deserves a quick visit if you happen to be in the city. 

But I still believe that whenever I have the chance to walk around a city the best part is always in its streets. No matter where you look in Paris, you are surrounded by classical buildings full of history, little alleys behind huge wooden doors, cobblestone roads and charming little cafés... that make your trip even more memorable.