My 60 favorite photographs of 2016

Even though the year is not finished yet, I decided to put together my favorite photographs I've taken so far. I've selected them going through my Lightroom catalogue and looking at the work I did in each month. You will see some photographs that I haven't released yet. Some are portraits and others were taken in different cities... And I usually don't feature that kind of work on my website or social media, but it's there, and they remind me of beautiful moments, therefore, they are meant to be on this gallery.

I'm so thankful for such an incredible year. We've had the chance to be in Paris, Strasbourg in France, all over Norway, Sweden, Berlin and Köln in Germany, Mexico City and Guerrero in Mexico and in just a few days we are off to Iceland. I can only hope for more awesome travel plans for 2017 and lots of creativity on my photography, specially now that I'm going to start second shooting weddings. Happy holidays to everyone and see you next year! 

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Weekend in Taxco (Guerrero) and final days in Mexico City (3rd part)

This is the last blog in the series of my trip to Mexico. These first photographs were taken in the beautiful town of Taxco in Guerrero, about 3 hours away from Mexico City. We went to spend the weekend and we had a wonderful time exploring its quaint, narrow cobblestone streets. 

Back in Mexico City, I had the chance to revisit some of my favorite museums. One of those is Frida Kahlo's "La Casa Azul". If you love this woman as much as I do, this is well worth visiting. Also, just outside her house and a few blocks away, there's also the house of Trotsky, the famous Russian revolutionary and politician. 

Finally, on my last few days I visited the Museum of Anthropology and Carlos Slim's Soumaya. I ate a few more tacos and went on a short walk around the old Zócalo and Templo Mayor.

This city is impressive, not only because of its size, but also for all the things you can do and enjoy. It's probably one of my favorite places in the world. I love the food and all the nice coffee shop/bookstores. It's full of cultural activities and color, it's a wonderful place, and I'm coming back, that's for sure.