A roadtrip through the Alps

During Easter holidays we went on a short roadtrip to the Alps. We drove through Switzerland, southern Germany, Austria and the Dolomites in northern Italy. We had already been to all these countries, but all we wanted to do was to head to the mountains and explore lakes and be surrounded by nature. The Basque Country is about ten hours away from Switzerland, so that was the longest part of the drive. The rest of the places I had on my list were pretty close one from another. It is true that we tried to cover maybe too much for only 9 days, but I guess being on the road is also part of the adventure and we didn't feel that we spent a crazy amount of hours in the van (even though some argue that we always do). 

I packed all my camera gear on the very last day and after giving too much thought, I brought more than what I really needed (as always). However, I ended up using the 6D with the EF 24-70 f.2.8 for all these shots. I also brought the Canon Ae1+ FD 50 1.8 and I shot Ektar 100, Portra 160 and Portra 400. It was a great experience to shoot film again and I must admit that composing at 50mm was really tricky for me so that was an interesting and slow process. I'll show those scans on my next post though. 

Driving Through Denmark, Sweden and Germany

On our way to Norway, we drove through France, Belgium, Germany and Denmark. Our first night on the road, we spent at a rest stop where we had dinner and slept for a few hours. Early in the morning, we set off towards Köln in Germany where our friend was waiting to show us around.

Hundreds of kilometres later, we found a camping close to the river in Köln, where we saw a beautiful sunset over one of the most impressive cathedrals in Europe. The next day we picked up our friend and went to Eltz Castle and to Geierlay, the longest suspension bridge in the country. I really, really loved visiting those places and I would definitely like to go back to explore more of Germany. That was our 3rd day on the road and we still had 9 hours left to arrive in Denmark and take the ferry towards Norway. So we basically spent our 4th day on the road. After arriving in Hirstshals, we still had a few hours left before taking the ferry towards Kristiansand in Norway, so we decided to go towards the sea and visit the beautiful lighthouse. 

(On my previous blog post from last week I posted more photographs about our 2 week roadtrip around Norway, and I also explained what was it like to work only with the Fujifilm XT1. So I'll go ahead and continue with the roadtrip towards home). 

It took us exactly one week to get from Reine (Lofoten Islands) to the Basque Country. On the way, we decided to stop by Stockholm, Berlin and Strasbourg. I really wanted to see the subway stations in Stockholm, I think they are probably some of the coolest in the world (I  haven't checked the ones in Moscow, yet). I love how something as dark as a tube station can become an art gallery. 

After Stockholm, we stopped in Berlin. It was my first time there and I really enjoyed it even though it was extremely hot. Visiting the Wall was very touching and all the historical vibe around the city was incredible. We only had one day in Berlin, but I would like to go back and wander at another time, probably in the fall or winter. After sleeping at a camping outside the city, we set off towards Strasboug, home of the European Parliament and one of the most beautiful old city centres I have ever seen. 

Even though we spent hours and hours driving through European roads, I still believe it was worth it. Norway as our destination was spectacular but the journey on the road was really awesome, too.