Portrait session with Maider (Mestizaa)

This is my friend Maider Sierra, the owner of Mestizaa, and this is usually her job. She photographs beautiful dogs with their owners and she is wonderful at it. A couple of months ago, we met at her house for a different shoot. This time I wanted to photograph her while she was going through her daily routine. We had so much fun! I totally recommend you all to check out her work and I really hope you like this session!

Always Bring a Camera

I don't know about you, but I always have a camera in my bag. No matter if I'm driving to work or going out for a coffee, I never leave home without one. Sometimes is just a film camera, sometimes a point and shoot, but there's always something far better than a phone (IMO). Last Friday evening we went to a beach town to get some coffee and walk around the beach. It was almost sunset time and even if I thought that the sunset was not going to be that great, I still had something to capture the moment. Not a wonderful photograph, just a reminder of that day.