Intimate Wilderness

After several weeks of beautiful weather and high temperatures, we welcomed the rain and I couldn't be happier. The valley looks really green and the soil seems to be getting enough water. Hopefully it will stay like this for a few days and it will give me a chance to create some nice photographs as the fog keeps rolling down the mountains while creating a wonderful mood throughout the day. 

This morning when I woke up, it was pouring. I hesitated about staying at home or driving up to the forest, but in the end, I took my camera and two lenses and went in search of some intimate detail shots. It was relaxing and very peaceful, as you'll see. 

One of my goals for this year is to learn how to make videos. So I decided to give it a try and this is what I came up with. It's a short clip taken in the same location where I took the next set of photographs. Hope you enjoy it!

Last Minute Sunset Shoot

A few weeks ago, I got a second hand Sigma 35mm 1.4 Art for my 6D. I've been really looking forward to getting this lens, since the 35mm field of view is my favorite for daily photographs and lifestyle/environmental portraits. Even though it's heavier than some other lenses that I have, I believe it's a good set up when I choose to bring one camera and one lens, which is most of the time. 

This month, I've made a point of making daily photographs. Sometimes, when I'm out with family or friends, I carry the little X100T in my bag. But there are other days that I get up early and decide to wander around looking for new locations and that's when I've been bringing this combination. All in all, I'm really happy with the results, I'm still playing and getting the hang of it but I really would like to take some portraits and see its full potential. 

Last week, as I was driving home, I had the sudden urge to go to a really beautiful viewpoint at the top of a mountain. It only took about 15min to reach the top, just in time for a cool sunset over a mountain range in front of where we live.

Loving the Atmosphere

A quick glance from my window was enough to see that one of my favorite forests was covered in fog. I grabbed my Xt1 and the XF 18-55mm and I drove for 10 minutes to arrive here, and it didn't disappoint.

If You Wander, Your May Find the Light

Last week was very productive in terms of photography. Since I have a new schedule at work, I am able to go out and shoot more often. If I plan on going for a brief stroll, I usually pack my gear the night before. Sometimes I have to cancel due to weather conditions or because I have tons of work to do. Other times I'm just not inspired enough and I go back home. But there are days when I don't plan ahead and I still decide to give it a try. That has been possible ever since I chose to always carry a camera in my bag. It is not a fancy camera, but it does get the work done. Up until last week, I wasn't very excited about it. In fact, I briefly wrote on that in a previous blog back in October. However, things changed when after work last Tuesday while I was driving home, I saw that one of my favorite forests was covered in fog. It was drizzling, but since I always have mountain boots in my car, I decided to give it a try and see what could I bring home. I only had my Canon G16 point and shoot with me, but the conditions and the place were so good that I didn't care. I found beautiful light and incredible ambiance wherever I looked. It was raining and cold but I stayed out almost two hours, just driving, stopping and walking around. When I got home I couldn't be happier. I had captured beautiful moments of quietness and cold.

I love the feeling that I get when I achieve a beautiful set of photographs in an unexpected way. My creativity explodes and it makes me go out and be more productive. I constantly want to be out creating memories. That is why, the following Thursday, even though the sky was clear and the sun was up, I still decided to go back to take a look. This time though, I played with light and how it reflected on plants and trees. Because I had previously thought about it, I took my new Fuji X100T which I had bought for when a light camera and the awesome 35mm point of view is all I need. Obviously, the quality of this camera is much better than the G16, so I was excited to take it out and see what could I do with it. 

All I can say about this is that sometimes, when you least expect it, the conditions seem to be perfect to initiate a process of creativity. Therefore, it's always best to carry something to capture the moment with. Who knows, they may end up being some of the best shots you make or just a new series you create.