Below zero session in the forest

I texted Oihana on Saturday night asking whether she would be up for a quick shoot the following morning. She agreed immediately, so I packed my gear in the Kanken and decided to bring along my analog camera with Portra 400, because my resolution for this year is to shoot more film. I woke up to -7ºC and put on the warmest clothes I had on my closet, drove to her apartment and went to the forest to shoot some portraits. Wildflowers were covered in frost and puddles were frozen. Yep, it was cold indeed, but the light was beautiful, and totally worth it. 

I'm currently looking for people to go on more shoots like these. If you are interested, head over to the contact page and let's plan something wonderful and fun!

Wandering in the Forest

A couple of weeks ago my friend Marina and I drove to the forest of Otzarreta in the Natural Park of Gorbea, just 30 minutes away from home. I love walking around nature in the early morning so that's what we did before it started to rain. I'm becoming more interested in shooting portraits, so you will be seeing more of that stuff in the upcoming blogs. Meanwhile enjoy this set! Also, if you want to get out and shoot some portraits like these in the forest or near the sea, drop me a line and we'll think of something together!

Out and about exploring forests

If you look through my photos you will soon realize that I don't like shooting on sunny days because I don't know how to deal with a cloudless blue sky (ha!). When the majority are happy enjoying the sun, I keep waiting for cloudy days and misty mornings. It creates an atmosphere that I really feel inspired with and I believe it adds mood to my work. Now don't get me wrong, I also enjoy warm and beautiful sunsets during summer time, but I think I work best when the conditions are a little adverse. Here's a set of photographs taken on a morning like that. Enjoy!  

Backcountry Roads

I set my alarm for 7.45am and I almost decided to turn around and go back to sleep. However, I really wanted to go for a short hike through one of my favorite forests in order to find new locations for this fall/winter. I was really hoping for a misty morning, and even though the road on the way there was covered in fog, I wasn't lucky enough to find my spot like I wanted. It's alright, I still loved wandering around, being outdoors surrounded by the trees and all that fern.

Forgotten Photographs

After I return from a session I usually backup my files into the computer and also into a hard drive. If I have the time, I briefly look at them and decide which ones have potential to become part of my portfolio and I load them into Lightroom where I will post process them later. However these last few weeks, due to the amount of work I've had, I haven't been able to go out and shoot and therefore, I've only been able to go through my hard drives searching for any photographs that I could work on. I sometimes surprise myself and find scenes that I didn't select when I got them but when I look at them again, I see possibilities of developing them into something really beautiful. I love when that happens. I like the fact that what something didn't seem to have any possibilities a few months ago, now has the potential to become something special. This is what happened with these two shots. These photographs were taken at a beautiful forest barely 30mins away from home. This was probably one of my most successful sessions in this place; the conditions were incredible and the fog added a really cool ambiance to the scene. The light kept changing, hence the warmer tones in the second photograph but still a morning to remember.