Forgotten Photographs

After I return from a session I usually backup my files into the computer and also into a hard drive. If I have the time, I briefly look at them and decide which ones have potential to become part of my portfolio and I load them into Lightroom where I will post process them later. However these last few weeks, due to the amount of work I've had, I haven't been able to go out and shoot and therefore, I've only been able to go through my hard drives searching for any photographs that I could work on. I sometimes surprise myself and find scenes that I didn't select when I got them but when I look at them again, I see possibilities of developing them into something really beautiful. I love when that happens. I like the fact that what something didn't seem to have any possibilities a few months ago, now has the potential to become something special. This is what happened with these two shots. These photographs were taken at a beautiful forest barely 30mins away from home. This was probably one of my most successful sessions in this place; the conditions were incredible and the fog added a really cool ambiance to the scene. The light kept changing, hence the warmer tones in the second photograph but still a morning to remember.