Sunset on the cliffs of Zumaia

Last Friday it was way too warm, it didn't feel like we are still in winter, so I planned to go to Zumaia and walk on its impressive cliffs. I texted my friend Oihana to ask if she wanted to come along and she immediately accepted. We walked around for almost two hours and made a few photographs while we experienced a beautiful light and a pretty cool sunset. All in all a 10/10 evening!

Contact me if you'd like to spend an evening like this and make some photographs together!

*All images taken with a Canon 6D + Ef 24-70 2.8 + 50 1.4 Art

Back from the Land of Ice

The first time we were in Iceland was back in the summer of 2014. We went on a three week roadtrip around the country and slept on our sleeping bags in the most incredible places we had ever seen. Right there, we promised to ourselves that we would one day go back in winter to see it in a different light and wild conditions.

A few months ago, we just talked about the idea once again, and started looking at flights to Reikjavik for the last week of 2016. We found them for a really cheap price and we bought them on that same night. We rented a 4x4, hired a tour to visit an ice cave and booked our hotels for 4 nights. It was a really short trip compared to the first time we were there... but it was absolutely worth every minute of it. 

Unfortunately, the conditions were really extreme for the first two days. Our ice cave tour got cancelled due to the caves being flooded after a really rainy day. Instead, we visited other places we hadn't planned to go to. It wasn't as cold as we expected. The minimum temperature we experienced was -9ºC, which wasn't that bad with all the clothing we had on. Two pairs of thick socks, two pants, several layers of shirts, a sweater, a jacket and a raincoat. Oh! and really awesome gloves, hats and mountain boots. All essencial to survive the crazy conditions we lived on those days. With 100% of humidity even my 6D died for a few hours after getting soaked in the canyon of Fjaðrárgljúfur (ha! try pronouncing that!). So glad I had my little Fuji X100T with me while I dried the DSLR with the car heating. That was a really important lesson I learnt: always bring more than one camera, ALWAYS.

The wind was really strong... about 40mph/60kmh and it literally threw us to the ground several times, specially in Stokksnes, where it was almost impossible to photograph. The light though was spectacular, it changed every minute but it felt like a constant sunrise/sunset all along the 6 hours of daylight we had each day. 

On our last day there, we went in search of the northern lights, but we were not able to find them, so again, we promised to go back over and over again to this wonderful place we love so dearly. Next time we are taking our camper van on a ferry to the Faroe Islands, staying there for a few days and then hopping to Iceland for yep, another awesome adventure!

These are some of the photographs I’ve taken on this journey. I hope you like them and make you book your flight to Iceland right now!

Oh! and Happy New Year! Hope it's an adventurous one!

*All taken with a Canon 6D +24-70mm 2.8 and Fujifilm X100T

A beautiful evening at the beach

Dark sky, big waves, high tide and strong winds. It was a beautiful day at the beach.

Ready for Fall Colors

I'm done with thirty something degree days. I like summer, but I just don't like the heat and a blue sky with no clouds in it. I like these longer days and the possibility of hiking really early in the morning when it's still chilly and going for sunsets late at night. However, I really miss Basque foggy mornings, all that mist in the mountains, the cold and rain and those beautiful fall colors. The last few times I've been out hiking, I've realized that colors are starting to change and that we are slowly on our way towards the new season. And I, as a landscape photographer, I'm clapping my hands and jumping with excitement. Don't get me wrong! This summer has been really productive and I've made a lot of plans and went on several hikes... and most importantly I took thousands of photographs but... I'm ready to give this summer a proper farewell and say, see you next year! So on this blog, I wanted to showcase the highlights of our summer.

Oh by the way, my summer is not over... I'm flying back to my dear Mexico City in one week to visit my friends who I met five years ago, when I worked for UN Women there. I can't wait to go back and walk those streets again. Make sure you follow the adventure through my Instagram.

See you at the end of the month!

Always Bring a Camera

I don't know about you, but I always have a camera in my bag. No matter if I'm driving to work or going out for a coffee, I never leave home without one. Sometimes is just a film camera, sometimes a point and shoot, but there's always something far better than a phone (IMO). Last Friday evening we went to a beach town to get some coffee and walk around the beach. It was almost sunset time and even if I thought that the sunset was not going to be that great, I still had something to capture the moment. Not a wonderful photograph, just a reminder of that day.