My name is Leire Unzueta and I am an outdoor and travel photographer based in Durango, Basque Country. I started traveling around the world at a young age and after living in both North and Latin America for sometime, I developed an interest for other cultures and different ways of living. I have always had a special connection to photography, so it was just a matter of time before I started using my cameras to tell the stories of the places I visited. 

Nowadays, my husband and I, are very lucky to own a campervan and to have the possibility to go on roadtrips as often as we can. Sometimes, we head to the mountains near home, and other times, we pack and leave for a few weeks to roam around different countries. We both suffer from wanderlust, that is a fact. We also love the great outdoors and spending the nights surrounded by a beautiful scenery.

Currently, I also work as a stock photographer for Addictive Stock.

My work has been featured on Cultura Inquieta, Onda Cero, LooksLikeFilm, Gatos y Sirenas, Fuji X Passion, Vsco, 500px, Viewbug, Landscape Photography Magazine, SeeMe, and Museé Magazine among others.

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